At Surfcamp Portugal you are welcomed by

The Algarve Adventure Team welcomes you here in Arrifana and Monte Clerigo. The adventure started in 2005 and we have grown into a small international team of enthusiastic sportsmen and women.
We, who run this business, want to offer you, all of our nature sports with high quality standards and lifestyle, because: Yes, we are surfers, we are mountain bikers and we want to share our fascination!
We want you to take part in our Algarve adventures!
In addition, we are of course almost normal, very friendly and open-minded people, including holidaymakers, with families and children.
All this and especially our professional qualifications are the reason why you can fully trust our service.

And here is an introduction to the team that takes care of your well-being:

Beccs Beccs Bürofee Organised and always knows how and where and if not? Surfing, volleyball......
Wiebke Wiebke Gute Seele Climbing coach, passionate surfer, always in a good mood.
Nelson Nelson Surfcoach Passionate surfer.... always a good saying in store
Renato Renato Surfcoach Our "good mood all-rounder", enthusiastic surf instructor, sportsman, studied sports scientist. Always a good word ready for you
Bernardo Bernardo Allrounder Man for all cases, helps in the surf house and office... also surf instructor at times! Sunshine, family man and surfer
Peer Peer The Don Sports teacher by conviction and Head of Algarve Adventure. When he's not in front of the computer, his passion is surfing or playing beach volleyball or spike ball on the beach.